Internet provider at Everest uses Cambium Networks to connect the world's highest area

EverestLink, the company responsible for bringing Internet connectivity to Nepal's highest elevation points, used Cambium Networks solutions to install one of the highest access points in the world at Mount Everest at the end of last year (2017). The cnPilot solutions suite now includes communication for climbing expeditions, community projects, education and thousands of tourists passing by every day.

With a long-distance wireless broadband connection linking the region, which until recently had very few internet-based services, the local population also gained more mobility and accessibility.

Although some of the hindrances threatened the deployment of the technology - the difficulty to access the location itself, the rocky environment and the meteorological instability, which made it also very difficult to develop technological projects to bring internet connection to services such as education, health and the ability to communicate in general - the external connection solution of the cnPilot line from Cambium Networks, made possible the installation of a fast, quality and stable internet even at risk.

The compact, lightweight and energy efficient solutions from Cambium are ideal choices for situations like this.

Tsering G. Sherpa, CEO of Everest Link: “Given our hostile terrain, there are areas where to check on your system, it may take a couple of days of hard work just to get there. But today, we’ve deployed over 200 hotspots in more than 40 villages. We connect 34,000 locals and over 40,000 tourists annually, which is a new record for tourism. We also reach more than 1,600 climbers on the various mountains including Everest. Our goal is to give them a perfect connection across the toughest terrain in the world. With the PTP 650 we have a solid link all the time – it gives us high throughput and perfect reliability. At the moment, we’re connected to the Everest base camp. There, at 5,320 m altitude, we have a solar powered cnPilot™ e500 outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot”

EverestLink, with the help of Cambium Networks, can now generate even more commitment to the community, not just providing connectivity to promote tourism, but also increasing the reach to local initiatives and promoting solutions to the challenges of the region. There is already a distance learning program that, thanks to the implemented solutions, helps teachers to bring quality teaching to remote schools in the Himalayas. Initiatives such as these strengthen the local economy and bring new opportunities for the population.