Network Equipment and Tools

In the field of Active Equipment and Certification, DC Americas (DCA) has a complete and qualified portfolio, showing the commitment to provide the clients high added value solutions.

Our network equipment, testers and tools ensure reliability and high performance based on a well-planned structure. The active equipment are part of the network base. With it functioning perfectly, minimize possible problems is guaranteed. Therefore, the product's performance, security and reliability depends on the needs planning to be well structured.

The certification guarantees that all cable's electrical parameters are tested. Its quality, transmission speed and other tests compared to international standards, making sure that the equipment will work on its maximum speed and performance. These certification tests evaluate the cabling quality and the adherence of its parameters to the TIA (Telecommunications Industry of America) and ISO (International Standard Organization) international standards - the mains cabling standards. Therefore, guaranteeing that the network's physical structure is certified, the active equipment responsible for data transmission, network connectivity and network organization in high speed, present the best performance possible.